Excel function name translations

This site has reference charts of Microsoft Excel 2007 functions in different languages. In these lists original English function names and also their descriptions are translated to 14 languages.

Many of the functions may have equal names in older or newer Excel versions (97/2000/2002/2003/2010/2013/2016) and in other spreadsheet applications like LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org Calc or Google Spreadsheets.

Please note that the first release of Excel 2010 made many changes to the function name translations. However, Microsoft decided to change them again in Excel 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1). You can find the affected functions in this support article.

I hope to do a full Excel 2013/2016 version of this site some time in the future.

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2017-03-27: Swedish (ÄRREF = ISREF, ÄRTOM = ISBLANK, thank you Helen)

2016-03-09: German (LOOKUP > VERWEIS, thanks Germans, appropriate name btw)

2015-09-21: French (Fixed a mess caused by autotranslate in Chrome...)

2015-09-03: Italian (ABS -> ASS and descriptions in right rows, thanks Max!)

2014-12-08: Swedish (added a remark to N, thanks Klaus!)
2014-09-02: French (PV -> VA - thank you Bachir)
2013-05-29: Brasilian Portuguese (SUMIFS -> SOMASES)
2013-05-29: Brasilian Portuguese (RESTO -> MOD)
2009-10-14: New language: Brasilian Portuguese! (thanks, Carlos, it seems to have many differences from Portuguese from Portugal)
2008-11-07: French (AVERAGEA -> AVERAGEA, TIME -> TEMPS - thank you Yvan)
2008-12-22: Finnish (CONVERT -> MUUNNOS (Excel 2003?) = MUUNNA (Excel 2007))

Report errors or contribute a language

Initial source of the data was Excel 2007 Function Reference from Microsoft. Please report any errors in the charts to info[at]piuha[dot]fi. It is also possible to add new languages to dictionary on request or you can contribute a language via email.